A Week in the City of Roses

I know all of us can relate to the feeling of wanting to break away from our daily routines, work lives, and the same old sceneries. I love traveling because it gives me the option to do just that, and it drives me insane that I can’t do it as often as I would like to. In the past couple of months, my husband and I were so sick and tired of our mundane work schedules. It felt like we were stuck in a boring cycle and we just wanted to get away from it all. We craved new sights, experiences, and adventures. It took us a while to pick a destination, but we wanted a place that was affordable, rich in nature, and of course… offered good food. After weeks of debating where to go, we finally agreed on a place… Portland, Oregon! Both of us have never been there before, so what better way to escape than to explore the City of Roses?!

We booked our flight, reserved an Airbnb house, packed our bags, and made our way to P-Town! When we arrived, it was very refreshing to see bodies of water and so many trees. Can we also talk about the weather? Oh it was so great to get out of the Vegas heat! The Airbnb house was about 30 minutes away from the airport. We didn’t have a rental car so we relied greatly on Uber/Lyft and the MAX Light Rail. I should’ve done more research on the location of the Airbnb house because it was such a long trip (1 hour and 20 minutes to and from) to get to Downtown and the other locations we wanted to visit.


On our first day, we were confused and had a difficult time trying to figure out the transit routes. Thank goodness for the Maps app on my iPhone! It was our best friend for the week. We decided to check out the Portland Saturday Market. There were so many vendors and food trucks lining the plaza. After we satisfied our hungry tummies, we walked around Tom McCall Waterfront Park and went shopping at the stores located three blocks away. One of the things I really enjoyed about Portland was not having to pay sales tax. We took the MAX to Washington Park and took the free shuttle service to the International Rose Test Garden. I was so excited because I’m a huge sucker for flowers. When I die and go to heaven, I envision it to be just like the rose garden… serene, beautiful, and full of roses (my favorite flowers by the way!). The Portland Japanese Garden was also right across the street so we headed over there for more sightseeing.

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We spent most of our days walking around Downtown. You guys know how much I love my Self-Help books so I had to visit Powell’s City of Books, the world’s largest independent bookstore. I felt like a kid in a candy store! Shout out to my husband for being so patient with me during the whole time that I was oohing and ahhing over all of the books. I bought two books on our first visit, and two more on a different day because I just had to go back a second time. We stopped by Voodoo Doughnuts to see what all of the hype was about. The doughnuts were good, but to be honest… Blue Star Donuts is where it’s at! My favorites were the Blueberry Bourbon Basil and the Passion Fruit Cocoa Nib.

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On our second to last day, we toured the Columbia River Gorge waterfalls. Multnomah Falls was beautiful! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take any good pictures together because it was crowded. My favorite waterfall was the Latourell Falls. There were literally like only five people when we were there so I definitely enjoyed it more. It was absolutely breathtaking! We were able to venture off the path and go near the base of the waterfall. I can’t even put to words how amazing it was hearing the loud roar of the falls, feeling the water spray my skin, and the cold air blasting around me.

I wish our trip to Portland lasted longer. Alain and I had so much fun and we really enjoyed everything the city had to offer. I was so sad to leave knowing that we have to go back to work again and that I won’t be able to eat Blue Star Donuts anytime soon. We already miss the city’s quirkiness, but I know we will definitely come back to visit again some day!

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