Black Friday 2017 Haul

I tell myself every year, “Rhoxette, you don’t need to go Black Friday shopping this year!” At first, it always seems like I will finally listen to myself, but there’s always something that motivates me to go at the last minute. Then the next thing I know, my car is parked at the mall. I didn’t go into a lot of stores this year. Actually scratch that, I did step into a lot of stores, but I only bought things from Victoria’s Secret, Old Navy, and Zara. There were so many people at the mall I went to, and the lines were ridiculously long, but that’s Black Friday for you. Without further ado, read down below to see what I picked up this year!

  • Victoria’s Secret

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VS pom-pom slippers, VS velvet slippers, VS cozy short robe, VS flannel pj set

Victoria’s Secret is one of my favorite stores to go to during Black Friday. This year, they had a lot of deals around their sleepwear. If you know me, then you know how much I love bathrobes. They’re all I ever wear at home, so I made sure I got their cozy, short robe that was on sale for $35. Along with that, I bought a pink flannel pajama set, and it came with the black pom-pom slippers for free! They also had the prettiest pink velvet slippers. I couldn’t resist how comfy they were with the fur lining, so I got those as well.

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I saw this satin robe in the store, and I knew I had to have it. I love the floral embroidery details on the shoulders, which are also on the back. The material of this robe is incredible. It’s a lot thicker compared to the usual satin robes that Victoria’s Secret carries. I’m obsessed!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetWhen you spend at least $75 in the store, they give away this sequined tote and clutch for free. I don’t really care much for it, so I will probably just gift it to a family member or a friend.

  • Old Navy

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Old Navy’s entire store was 50% off, which is an amazing sale considering how affordable their full-priced stuff is originally. I only bought three things though because nothing else caught my eye. I bought these super comfy moccasins, a plain brown belt, and slippers for my husband (not pictured). The old pair of moccasins I had were so beat up and dirty, so I thought it was the perfect time to replace them. I love moccasins because they’re so easy to just throw on when you need a quick run to the grocery store or to fetch the mail outside.

  • Zara

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I never really shop at Zara, but my husband convinced me to check out their stuff this year since it’s one his favorite stores. Boy, was I missing out all these years! It’s probably one of my favorite stores now. They had a lot of nice items and everything was 30% off. It reminded me a lot of H&M, but better. I found this pair of jeans with frayed ends. I’ve been seeing this trend a lot lately, and I’m glad I finally found a pair for myself. I also bought this cream-colored coat. I will definitely be wearing it a lot this fall and winter!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetZara faux suede skort

I bought this suede asymmetrical skort. I like that it has that belt detailing on the side. I think this would look super cute with a bodysuit and some knee-high boots. I can’t wait to see what different outfits I can create with this staple piece.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetZara cropped trousers

Last but not least, I bought these high-waisted pants. I love that it has a belt that I can tie to cinch my waist. If I would’ve seen this a couple of years ago, I would’ve completely overlooked them, but my style has definitely changed. I can see myself wearing this with some wedges or heels and a crop top.

Thank you so much for reading! Share down below what you scored this year!

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