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A few of my closest girlfriends and I recently took a trip to the City of Angels. It was a week full of our usual shenanigans, laughter, and of course… plenty of photo opportunities. We made sure to take advantage of all of the popular places that were near us. Los Angeles has a lot of cool spots to visit, and that’s why I wanted to compile a list of some of the places we visited that would look great for anyone’s Instagram feed.

In no specific order:

  • Paul Smith’s Pink Wall

8221 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Brandy Melville tube top, Old Navy flannel, Alex and Ani chain necklace

Ah, the famous pink wall that you’ve probably seen plenty of times on Instagram. It’s no wonder why this wall is so popular. The pink background just makes everyone look good, haha! There is a security guard stationed right outside the store to make sure everyone abides by the rules. The rules include “No professional cameras,” “No feet on the wall,” etc. If you’re strolling through Melrose Avenue, you should definitely stop by and get your picture taken against this pink wall.

  • LACMA Urban Light

5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Another landmark that you’ve probably already seen a million times on Instagram. It was very cool to finally see it in person when we went. We were glad that this part of LACMA was free. We were also very thankful that there weren’t too many people at the time that we went. I would really love to come back and see Urban Light during the night. L.A. trip part II coming soon…?

  • Rodeo Drive

Windsor crop top (similar), Windsor pants (similar)

Rodeo Drive has this pretty flower wall in front of Breguet Boutique that has tourists lining up just to take pictures in front of it. It’s a bit embarrassing to say that we actually went in line twice because we felt bad that we were taking too long during our turn. We got nervous and panicked because there were so many people behind us. Does anyone else feel like that too? Aside from the flower wall, the stores on Rodeo Drive have such cool architecture and designs that are perfect backdrops for pictures.

  • Colette Miller’s Angel Wings

453 Colyton St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Brandy Melville tube top, John Galt pants (similar)

It was such a struggle for my friends and I to find this wall. We briefly researched where it was and found an address, but it was our fault for not confirming it with Google Maps’ street view feature. We literally walked 14 blocks from The Grove to St. Regis Liquor just to find the brown-walled version of the mural. It turned out that the correct location we were looking for was just behind the Urth Caffe that we ate at in the Arts District. We were trying to find the pink-walled version too, but we didn’t have time in our schedule.

  • Venice Canals

Victoria’s Secret swim cover-up, Pacsun triangle bikini top, Alex and Ani chain necklace

This place is so peaceful and scenic. I’m so jealous of the people that have their homes right by the canals. It must be so nice to just wake up and take daily walks through the pathways and bridges. Our Uber driver even parked his car on the side of the street after he dropped us off just so he could take a few selfies as well.

  • Santa Monica Beach

Pacsun triangle bikini top

Did you even go to L.A. if you didn’t stop by the beach? Santa Monica is one of my favorite go-to spots. I love to simply chill on the sand and soak up some sun. My friends and I walked to the pier and enjoyed watching all of the street performers that were there. The bottom of the pier is actually where I saw a lot of people take pictures. I guess there’s just something about the look of all the columns that everyone likes.

  • The Broad Museum

221 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Leith blouse (similar)

I’ve always thought this place was pronounced “broad” like broad shoulders, but it’s actually “road” with just a “b” in front. I knew about this place because of the myriad pictures of the gigantic dining table set I always see on Instagram. The Broad has a lot of unique art to look at. However, be very wary of your surroundings as the employees are quite stern if you get too close to the pieces.

  • The Last Bookstore

453 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

As a book lover, this place was heaven for me. It’s definitely up there on my list, along with Powell’s City of Books. I highly recommend checking out this bookstore if you have time. The place definitely has its quirks and charms. The structure pictured above is very popular on social media. They also have an awesome tunnel of books on the second floor.

There are definitely more unique places that my friends and I did not get a chance to visit. The great thing about living in Las Vegas though is that L.A. is just a drive away so we can always come back. I would love to check out more places in the future, so feel free to comment down below any suggestions you have.

Thanks for stopping by!

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